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Little Greene Paints – The Best of British Manufacturing

Manufactured in Bethesda North Wales Little Greene paints are made with the nest ingredients and contain up to 40% more pigment than ordinary paints. With records dating back to the early 1700s the Little Greene Dyeworks is, they believe, England’s most ancient industrial site for the manufacturer of colours.

Little Green’s Colour Cards bring together 207 traditional and contemporary paint colours which are categorised in ve collections : Colours of England, Colour Scales, Pinks, Greys & Blues

Their Colour Scales we fondly refer to as ‘The Fools Guide to Decorating’ – they have 12 colours which are shown in four tonal colour strengths – helping to make an easy decision for those wanting a shaded room where the walls, ceilings, wood work have a connected colour theme.

Paint & Paper Library is another favourite of Bracey Interiors.

Their shade card contains 180 colours . There are 85 original colours and also 95 architectural colours. Again, fondly referred by Bracey’s as ‘A Fools Guide To Decorating’ the architectural colours consist of 19 colours which are shown in ve tonal colour strengths – again making colour selections less confusing.

The coverage and ease of application for both Little Greene & Paint Library paints is amazing – if you’ve not tried them you certainly should. We also have a tinting and mixing machine here at Bracey Interiors making it possible to mix your required paints within just a few minutes – what could be simpler!

Our Favourite Colours:

Little Greene – 0ur best selling colours are: French Grey & Slaked Lime (both available in4 tonal strengths). They are ideal neutral colours which can sit alongside any colour making them the perfect transitional colours for a room.

Paint Library – our best selling colours are: Stone & Cotton (both available in 5 tonal strengths). Blue Blood is also a stand alone favourite

Useless facts – our showroom is painted in Little Greene Slaked Lime and the shop front is in Little Greene James

The Ivy’s ceiling is painted in Paint Library Blue Blood

Vic’s favourite colour is Hicks Blue, Claire’s is Desert Rose

We also supply paints by:

Zoffany – 144 varying colours which have been carefully selected to complement and enhance their fabrics & wallpapers

Designers Guild – 154 beautiful shades from whites and neutrals so their signature bold colours – de nitely a range to explore and challenge you

Sanderson Paints – 140 subtle shades which perfectly complement their fabrics and wallpapers They are all done to order – available within 2 days

Did you know we also offer a Colour Consultancy Service – for as little as £120 we will help you to decorate our home with con dence. This includes a home visit, discussion on possible paint colours and sample boards.

If your struggling with paint colours and nishes do call into the Showroom – we’ve got sample boards of all the paints we supply so you’re welcome to look through them all and we’re here to help you make the right decision.


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